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Using DOSBox

Modern Windows computers do not come with MSDOS installed anymore. Because of this, programs like Wolfenstein 3D and it’s DOS-based editors no longer work “straight out of the box”.

To fill the gap, applications like DOSBox have been developed and released that let you use these programs again in an authentic DOS-like experience.

When you first download DOSBox, it can seem a little confusing as to how to use it. But when you learn what the options are, it’s actually reasonably effortless!

Setting Up

If you haven’t already, download and install DOSBox.

Run the program. It will boot fullscreen or windowed, but either way you should see something similar to this.

This is our emulated DOS Prompt, and should look familiar if you’ve ever run command prompt on your computer.

Finding our program

DOSBox requires you to point it to the folder with your DOS-compatible files inside. To do so, you use a line similar to the following:


This line creates a new drive, labels it LETTER, and points it to the DIRECTORY.

So, assuming you wanted to have DOSBox run Wolf3D, which you have installed in C:\WOLF3D, you would type

mount c C:\WOLF3D

Press Enter to submit the line, and you should get the following confirmation:

Success! Now, you need to actually visit your directory. Since we’ve mounted it on C, you access it by just typing and submitting “C:”

We’re in! We’ve hacked the mainframe. Matt Farrell would be proud.

Run your program!

All that is left to do now, is play your program. All you need to do is enter the name of the executable to start it up! If you know the name (In this case, WOLF3D.EXE), then you can type it in manually.

If you don’t know the name of the file you need, you can press TAB to scroll through the various files in the currently mounted directory.

Press enter, and enjoy!

This process can be used to run a majority of DOS programs, including Wolfenstein 3D mods made in DOS, and the various DOS-based Editors you can use to mod.

Just remember what directory your files are in (For example, C:\Editors\MapEdit41) when mounting! If you don't mount to the right folder, DOSBox won't be able to open your program.
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