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Release (Late): YASHHER (ECWolf)

A release that fell through the cracks, YASHHER is an interesting project that was released at the start of May this year, catapulting the player five centuries ahead and placing them in the role of a member of the First – an army of creatures who were turned into what appears to be lizard creatures.

TEPA6ANT’s game features a written story (The author appears to be Eastern-European, so the story has some broken English), and comic-style introductions (Editor’s Note: Makes me think of Unsung’s intermission screens).

The game lends itself to sci-fi elements across it’s 13 levels, and includes many new enemies, and a new weapon.

This game can be played with a copy of either ECWolf or LZWolf, and requires you own the full version of Wolfenstein 3D to play.

Download YASHHER (ModDB) – English and Russian versions available.
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Serpens has come out today with a new MacenWolf release, which includes a whopping eight ports of Mac Wolf3D mods! These ports are themed around the idea of “carnage” (Serpens makes excellent use of the letter B when explaining what this entails, but basically more gore, and more enemies!)

Each of these projects will be playable with a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter, updated to the latest version (Currently version 1.12A).

If you want to learn more about the releases, make sure to check out the accompanying MacenWolf announcement article (Linked above), and add the project to your ModDB Watchlist!

Finally, if you want to discuss these releases, feel free to make a post in the DieHard Wolfers Thread.

The main release of this collection is Blake Zuckerman’s Wolfenstein Restricted. The project includes many changed graphics and textures, and spans 31 levels. This is one of those releases with a little history attached to it, which is explained by Serpens in the article.

Download Wolfenstein Restricted (ModDB)

massacrewolf 1

Massacre Wolfenstein is a three map project originally for The First Encounter.
Unfortunately, it is one of the many mods with no story or credits attached to it.

Download Massacre Wolfenstein (ModDB)

carnage 1

Carnage 1.4 is an even smaller affair, with just two maps.

Developed by Marco Vevna.

Download Carnage 1.4 (ModDB)

carnage ult 1

Ultimate Carnage was originally for The Second Encounter, and was developed by a Mac modder who went by the name Joe.

This particular map set clocks in at 10 maps.

Download Ultimate Carnage (ModDB)

bloodbones 1

Living up to it’s namesake, Blood n Bones is an uncredited mod originally created for The First Encounter.

This project spans 11 levels, and has bones.

Download Blood n Bones (ModDB)

carnage super 1

With tighter maps as opposed to some of the larger areas of the other releases, SuperCarnage! is nine maps that are designed by their author MogulzIsMe to be extremely challenging.

Download SuperCarnage! (ModDB)

skull 1

The Skull was originally built for The First Encounter, and as is the theme of these releases, has large amounts of enemies for you to eliminate.
Yet another uncredited effort, this time five maps worth.

Download The Skull (ModDB)

carnage wolfen 1

The final port is another uncredited effort, titled WolfenCarnage.

The project has a story of sorts attached to it’s ten levels, which were originally built for The First Encounter.

Download WolfenCarnage (ModDB)


Release: The Fall of Elite Hans (DOS)

One release missed by the catch-up post last month is a project by JPB1991, released on the 25th of May.

Josh’s previous releases have often been straightforward affairs, and this one is no different. The Fall of Elite Hans: Episode One is a one level game that puts the player in a minorly modified version of Episode 1’s final map.

Instead of fighting Hans Grosse though, you find yourself against another enemy; Hans Doe, and some unexpected company. There is a story included in the game’s built-in Read This! system that sets the scene.

This release runs on DOS and will require an emulator like DosBox to run on modern systems.

Download The Fall of Elite Hans: Episode 1 (External)


This week, Serpens is dropping five new ports as a part of the MacenWolf project, connected by the theme of being titled “Operation: ________”

These projects will each work with an up to date (At present, version 1.12A) copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter.

You can also discuss this project in it’s thread on the DieHard Wolfers Message Boards, or jump on the Wolf3D.net Discord and chat!

op emerald2

The first project is Wolfenstein 3D: First Encounter – Operation Emerald Light (Shortened to Operation Emerald Light for ease of naming conventions), a 10 map project created by Yoshimichi Endoh.
As the full name suggests, this project was originally made on the First Encounter, and serves as a sequel to it’s story.
Yoshimichi appeared to want to try and stir up attention for the Wolf3D scene with this release, emploring people to make their own maps if they found the release interesting.

Download Operation Emerald Light (ModDB)

op indy 1

Skavin’s one-map project Operation Indy doesn’t have any new visuals, but was created with the idea that your character is Indiana Jones, and you are stealing treasures from the Nazis.
While the project is only one map long, Serpens’ post on the matter mentions it’s unique release and the unknown status of four extra maps.

Download Operation Indy (ModDB)

Where MacenWolf is able to port projects from Mac with a degree of accuracy, back in the day modders had to be more liberal in their approach porting either way, resulting in different enough experiences that it can be worthwhile re-porting a project back.

op overkill 2

Laz Rojas’ port of Randall Penn’s Operation Overkill is an example of that. Laz attempted to port Randall’s game to Mac as best as he could; adding some new art to enhance the goals of the original, but otherwise copying things across to the best of his ability (With some minor fixes on Serpens’ end.
Now, we have Serpens’ port of Laz Rojas’ port of Randall Penn’s project to enjoy!

Download Operation Overkill (ModDB)

op suicide 2

Uncredited, Operation Suicide is a three map project that faces the player with the usual dilemmas until the third map, which will require use of the game’s original “Read Me First” text file to navigate safely.
That sort of puzzle is an interesting approach to mapping, and is a neat idea.

Download Operation Suicide (ModDB)

op uberfaust 2

Operation Uberfaust is also uncredited, and is ten levels long. It has a loose plot involving Schabbs, but the maps are allegedly only lightly edited from the original game’s Episode 2.
You can read the interesting plot line in the download, which does attempt to link itself to the original.

Download Operation Uberfaust (ModDB)


SplitWolf is a five year old project that successfully implemented split-screen coop play for Wolf3D, allowing two players to play alongside each other.

Now following on from a port to RetroPie (Allowing you to play coop-Wolf3D on a Raspberry Pi!), a brand new update has been released, giving players the ability to deathmatch over splitscreen!

Splitwolf Deathmatch Edition adds two new gamemodes; Deathmatch, where two players fight against each other, and Timed Deathmatch, which as the name suggests is the same thing but with a time limit.

screen3 1

These gamemodes come with their own feature additions to enhance gameplay, and even allows for custom deathmatch maps! To accomodate, the game’s download comes with the map files necessary for use with ChaosEdit, and SplitWolf supports the addition of extra deathmatch maps without editing the game’s engine (As is something that had to be done in DOS Wolf3D).

To play SplitWolf DM Edition you’ll need a copy of Wolfenstein 3D running Wolf4SDL.

Download SplitWolf DM Edition (ModDB)
Discuss on the DieHard Wolfers Message Boards

If you make a Deathmatch map, don’t hesitate to share them, either on DHW or on our Wolf3D Discord!


Release: Wenn Die Soldaten (DOS)

Update: On the 22nd of July, Justy Zam released a 1.1 patch for the game, which includes the DOS Source code and definitions to make maps for the game using WDC. The below download link has been updated.

Justy Zam has released a new Wolf3D project today, entitled Wenn Die Soldaten.

Development was kept reasonably quiet and low key, allowing Justy to surprise more people with it’s release.
The project is ten levels long, with extra features like an extra enemy and a lot of new art (Credits list is included in the thread on Diehard Wolfers, link below).

Wenn Die Soldaten is a DOS project, and will require an emulator like DosBox to play on modern systems. It is a complete game though, and will not need the original Wolfenstein 3D to play.

Download Wenn Die Soldaten (Wolf3D.net)
Discuss on the DieHard Wolfer’s Message Board


It’s been well over a year since the last update, wow.

A decision was made early this year to migrate to an updated version of the new website platform, which was incompatible with some of the sytems that had been added.
As such, a total reconstruction of the website was required. Most of the foundations were easily replicated in the new system, but many things had to be rebuilt piece by piece due to those incompatibilities and how elements of the website communicated with them.
This has turned out to only be a good thing; I tend to let my ideas get ahead of me and things can get overcomplicated quickly. The fresh start allowed me to rethink things and cut down to what was necessary, and focus on what is most important to accomplish the goals of the website.

One of those goals of the site is to make it as simple to navigate and use as possible. Discoverability is an important factor and if things are buried or too confusing, that’s not good in any way.

So where are we in regards to the website? It’s almost caught up with last year’s version in terms of completion, and most first generation features (Games, Gallery) have at least their foundations established and working.

Wolf3D.net Gallery – Art Display Test

There is still a lot to implement, but the hope is to have things stable enough for closed testing in the next couple of months.

What happens to the old website?

This is something I’m still sorting out. It is planned that when the new website goes live, Wolfsource in it’s current form will be moved to a separate subdomain during transition. Relevant content will be merged, and eventually the old website will be shelved.

Now things are coming together faster there will (hopefully) be more to show in coming weeks, but if there are any questions regarding the new website, feel free to comment here or reach out on the Wolf3D.net Discord and I’ll hopefully be able to answer some!


Release: A Fucking Mapset (MacenWolf)

Alongside the latest MacenWolf ports, Serpens also included a new original project built in the engine!

faken 2

The mapset is by AstroCreep, spanning four levels and including some new music.

It’s great to see original content coming out on the engine, as Serpens and Nexion together have built multiple features which allow for a lot of customization.
The most recent of these feature’s is MacenWolf S.U.C.K., a scripting system that allows for gameplay changes without being required to alter the source code.

Download A Fucking Mapset (ModDB)


Serpens has emerged with the next ports for the MacenWolf project! And a note that the ports of Astrostein and Astrostein II received a bugfixing patch.

These projects will each work with an up to date (At present, version 1.12A) copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter.

You can also discuss this project in it’s thread on the DieHard Wolfers Message Boards, or jump on the Wolf3D.net Discord and chat!

dungeonquest 2

Dungeon Quest Part I: Barons from the Underworld by Alan B. Clem is a fantasy-themed project that takes it a step further than a lot of other Mac Wolf3D mods; a majority of art and sounds have been changed, which as Serpens points out takes this particular game closer to “Total Conversion” than mod!

Download Dungeon Quest Part I: Barons from the Underworld (ModDB)

dungeon 1

Miguel Faria’s Dungeon is a simpler affair, following a prison-break plot across three levels.

Download Dungeon (ModDB)

Images from the MacenWolf ModDB page.