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TED5 Hotkeys

Provided by Chris Chokan on the DieHard Wolfers Forums.

ArrowsMove around map
Ctrl+ArrowsMove a screen at a time in any direction
RShift+ArrowsMove a tile at a time in any direction
1Toggle Background plane drawing on/off
2Toggle Foreground plane drawing
4Toggle Background plane display on/off
5Toggle Foreground plane display
SpacebarGo to tile selection window
CCopy a block: left click in upper left corner, right click in lower right. Enter to copy it into buffer. Esc to stop process.
PPaste from copy buffer wherever mouse is
BDraw a block of the current selected tiles into current selected planes.
FFlood-fill one plane's tiles with currently selected tile.
UUndo last action. This is occasionally erratic. Be careful!
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