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Welcome to WolfSource!

Hello! Welcome to a website attempting to fill a content gap in the Wolfenstein 3D Modding and news scene since 2019. Truly the beginning of time.

Inside you’ll hopefully find the latest news related to Wolfenstein, as well as new mod releases and interesting articles.

I have a mod I want to put on the website!

Nice! I have good news; you can submit mods to the website here. WolfSource accepts zip and rar files below 50MB.

I found something cool!

If you find a cool video, article or anything else you think should be on here, you can let us know about it by submitting here.

I like to write

If you want to write something Wolfenstein related, please email us at wolf3dmods@gmail.com.

Thanks for visiting! And I hope to see you on the forums!

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