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Classic Wolfenstein 3D on modern systems, open source and ready for modding.

For over 11 years, Wolf4SDL has been the definitive source port for the classic Wolfenstein 3D experience.

Wolf4SDL retains the original gameplay and style of Wolf3D and Spear of Destiny, while being able to be run without the need for DOS emulation!

Bug fixes to many known issues with the game, while still retaining the classic style of gameplay Wolf3D is known for.
Can run on many modern systems (Including Windows 10, Linux, and… Dreamcast).
Wolf4SDL’s source can be compiled for multiple versions of both Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny.
Improvements to sounds, including multichannel digital sound support.

To run the source port with the full versions of the games, just drop the files in your game directory and run the new exe!

User-created mods and games

Wolf4SDL is open source, and has been used as the basis for many games and projects over the years, pushing the Wolf3D engine in different and often cool directions.

Games can range wildly in genre, scope, ideas, and themes, and most of them are completely free to download and play!

Build your own game with Wolf4SDL

Working with Wolf4SDL is easy to get into, with several popular features pre-coded, and a large library of community tutorials available to add cool ideas to your game.

Getting started is easy. Just download the source code below, and follow these instructions to start your new project!

Source Code

AryanWolf3D’s GitHub repository is currently the standard and most up to date version of Wolf4SDL available. There you can submit bug reports, request and suggest* feature additions for the engine.

Wolf4SDL is only what it is thanks to Ripper, Andy_Nonymous, AlumiuN, Chris, AryanWolf3D and the many other members of the community who have refined and shaped it over the years. And of course, to id Software for the original game’s source code. Thank you!

Good luck and happy Wolfing!

*Suggestions made using pull requests.