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Video Highlights (Week ending 2019/03/10)

Downloads to any mods shown can be found here.

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RussianStorm took us on a blind playthrough of the total conversion Absence. Be sure to check it out! Commentary throughout.

Continuing with Atomprojekt, DaClubOfDaMan1993 brought us a couple more floors of Atomprojekt this week, complete with end-level discussion. Watch from the beginning here.
TreeSapThief is continuing his playthrough of Spear End of Destiny, and is up to the third secret level. Start from the beginning here.

Without Commentary

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A man who is most certainly not serpens has been playing the first floor of various “interesting” older mods.
pagb666 is playing through the cd-rom version of Corridor 7. He’s also added a “bonus” video of Level 1 from the floppy disk version of the game, which has some changes in enemies and secret areas.
Mykita Gaming has reached Level 29 of Project Totengraeber’s ECWolf port. Watch from the beginning here.


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A man who as previously mentioned is definitely not serpens has been streaming a variety of different mods, including Gothic Mayhem. If you’re interested in lesser known mods, be sure to check out the channel!
Joshua Waight, aka MadWolf, has uploaded an archived Wolfenstein 3D livestream. Joshua has made many large Wolf3D mods over the years, including A World of Rage and Krucible.

If you’ve seen any interesting videos or streams published this week, or have made something yourself, don’t hesitate to let us know!

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