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This week on YouTube (Week Ending 2019/02/24)

Downloads to any mods shown can be found here.

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Sven van der Plank is still chipping away at Wolfenstein 3D for Xbox Live Arcade. He is up to E6F4 of his 100% playthrough at the hardest difficulty (I Am Death Incarnate), so he’s almost done! You can watch from the start here.
RussianStorm brought us a blind impressions video of A World of Rage by Joshua Waight!
TreeSapThief is up to Level 9 of his Spear End of Destiny playthrough! You can watch from the start here. TST also has playthroughs for other great Wolf3D mods. Check them out if you have the time!

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Pushing ever closer, Mykita Gaming is up to Level 22 of the ECWolf port of Project Totengraeber. You can watch from the start here.
Kloki38 has published a video featuring gameplay from a beta version of Corridor 7. He found the version on an compilation disk on archive.org, and it’s definitely interesting from a historic point of view how different it is from the final release.
TheLlanos M79 has been playing some Wolfenstein 3D mods, including Ian Summerfield’s Crash Bandicoot mod! You can view the playthrough from the start here, and check out his channel for other playthroughs!
Slickochet streamed his playthrough of Spear of Destiny for ECWolf on Twitch. It goes for roughly 50 minutes.
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