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This week on YouTube (Week Ending 2019/02/17)

Downloads to any mods shown can be found here.

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DyingCamel has spent the week streaming a Retro FPS Marathon, which has included Corridor 7, OBC, Super 3D Noah’s Ark and ROTT!
DaClubOfDaMan1993 is still playing through Atomprojekt, with end-level commentary. Several episodes came out this week, which you can see here.
Young man LordZandaurgh plays virtual reality games, and recently played a new interpretation of Wolf3D VR. Looks like fun!

TreeSapThief is still playing through Spear End Of Destiny. Good stuff! Complete playlist thus far here
Continuing her first impressions series of Wolf3D mods, this week RussianStorm takes on A Touch of Nazi by John Bucksnort.

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Mykita Gaming is up to floor 15 of the Project Totengraeber ECWolf port! Watch the whole thing from the start here.
Something a little different! QuakedoomNukem has uploaded the soundtrack to the upcoming ECWolf mod Astrostein: Future Shock. Some good songs there, and the YouTube video description has links to skip between songs.

Did you see something cool, or publish your own YouTube video on Wolfenstein 3D or one of it’s sister-games? Let WolfSource know!

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