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This week on YouTube (Week ending 2019/02/10

Downloads to any mods shown can be found here.

With Commentary

TreeSapThief has released a new video to his Spear End of Destiny series! This is the 9th video, but you can watch from the start here
Sven van der Plank is still plugging away at his XBox Let’s Play of Wolf3D. The series is just starting the 5th Episode of the game this week! Watch the whole series here.
White Rhino PSO has started a Let’s Play of Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold this week! The playlist so far can be checked out here.
RussianStorm is continuing to bring us decent blind commentary of Wolfenstein mods. This week we have been gifted with over an hour of Lakota Bucksnort’s A Time To Die!

Without Commentary

Mykita Gaming has been busy, pushing up to Level 13 of the ECWolf port for Project Totengraeber!
Play this video of T0MAT0 44‘s Episode 6 speedrun at double speed, and he finishes the entire thing in less than 4 minutes!

If you need proof that modern mobile gaming is a blessing, just watch this gameplay of Wolf3D for the GameBoy Advance.
On the speedrun front, here is an Any% run of Rise of the Triad: Dark War by TBCR.

Did you see something cool, or publish your own YouTube video on Wolfenstein 3D or one of it’s sister-games? Let WolfSource know!

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