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Starting a new project in WDC

You’re ready to make your Wolfenstein 3D mod. You’ve installed WDC, and have a fresh copy of Wolf3D ready to go. What now?

Setting Up

Create a folder for your project, and put your Wolf3D folder in it.
For this tutorial, my folder is called “Project”, and the game files I am editing are located in S:\Project\Wolf3D.
You don’t necessarily need to make a fresh copy of Wolf3D with every project, but it never hurts to be careful.

Step 1: Click File->New Project

Name your project, and save the file. I have called mine test.wdc

You will be greeted by what could appear to be a rather daunting set of options, called Project Information.

Despite the plethora of information being requested, there’s only 4 important items to get started:

  • Base Data Folder – Where are the game files that are being edited? We decided this during setup.
  • Compiled Extension – This is here for the user that wishes to use custom extensions for their game’s files, but changes to the game’s source code will be requires for the files to run. This will automatically fill when the Base Data Folder is specified.
  • Output Folder – When you finish editing, WDC will publish the new versions of the files to this folder. Do not make it the same folder as your Base Data Folder. I like to use \Project\Final
  • Map Data File – These are the map definitions required for the built-in Map Editor. This will typically fill in automatically when you specify your Base Data Folder.

The other options, which you can read about here, are for more advanced projects than what is being attempted here, so you can leave them blank.
Once you have specified your Base Data Folder and Output Folder, it should look similar to this:

Once you’re happy with how it looks, click OK.

WDC will now take a few moments to read the game files. When it’s done, this should be what you see, or something similar to it:

Yep! That’s E1M1 of Wolfenstein 3D!