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SDL Port of Spear End of Destiny now listed.

Thanks to various members of the DieHard Wolfers community (Names below), a complete SDL port was created that not only includes the original game by AReyeP and MCS, but comes packed with all four official Christmas Map Packs!

The port was performed by Andy_Nonymous of the DieHard Wolfers community, who collaborated with MCS (Success!) on certain aspects.
A few years prior, Kyle Albert had already made steps towards creating an SDL port of the game, and this was used as the starting point for the project.
Fellow community members Dean and Thomas served as testers for the game, making sure everything worked properly.

Due to unforseen circumstances, development never quite finished, but thanks to Thomas, a working beta release exists! There are a few minor bugs, but the experience is complete and a joy to play.

AReyeP and MCS Wolfenstein 3D Page
Spear End of Destiny SDL (Beta) Download
DieHard Wolfers Forum Thread (Project Release)
DieHard Wolfers Forum Thread (Kyle Albert’s Beta)

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  • Technopeasant 2019-06-23, 5:55 am

    Kyle Albert’s page for his original port mentions an auto-map feature. Any idea if it is still in this version and how to use it?


    • Zombie Zombie 2019-06-23, 6:07 am

      Hey Technopeasant! I’m afraid I don’t know at the moment, but briefly looking through the changelog in the EOD4SDL build download, it doesn’t mention specifically removing it. Have you tried performing it the way it’s specified in Kyle’s version?

      • Technopeasant 2019-07-03, 12:18 pm

        I got a solution to this question on DieHard Wolfers, but thank you for the reply.


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