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Support WolfSource

WolfSource is a passion project that wouldn’t be possible if there wasn’t already an amazing community surrounding Wolfenstein, Blake Stone, and the many other games built on id Software’s engine.
Intended as a platform to promote and assist in the creation and love of Wolf3D games, we try to promote all aspects of the community and it’s current goings on.

You’re cool, and I hope you continue enjoying the game!

WolfSource has quickly outgrown it’s current shell, and is looking to rebuild as something truly useful to the community, taking in all learned over the first year of it’s existence.
We plan to more heavily focus on community-driven elements, and providing a more effective resource for game creation, events, and just interacting with the community at large.

This however, will take money, and as such, time. You can see progress towards the goal amount below.


Directly support WolfSource

It is important to say this website is intended to be free and that will not change.

However, if you believe in our goals and want to help, there’s a number of ways:

  • Point people to the website!
    • People can’t visit a website they don’t know exists! Link them to the latest game releases, show them how easy it is to mod Wolf3D, and how rewarding it can be!
  • Contribute to WolfSource!
    • We’re always after interesting and cool things from the community. If you have an opinion about mapping styles, have some insights into Wolf4SDL you’d like to share, or a humour piece, it can all be welcome here. We want to promote Wolf3D-related creativity, and that includes interesting writing!
    • While we work towards a new website, there is still a gallery for you to share and display art resources. Share your work for people to use in their own projects!
  • Donate to WolfSource
    • The most direct way to help in the rebuild of WolfSource is to donate directly; we have both a Patreon, and a Paypal for donations.

Until our goal is reached, all money donated will go into the fund for rebuilding.

Honestly, I thank you for joining me on this journey. Wolfenstein 3D has been such an important and prevailant part of my life, and I can only hope WolfSource enables others to get as much out of it as I do, now and into the future