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Brief blah blah about stuff related to the focus of this competition.

Sewer Town
Art specific to the contest would go here instead.


Make the thing. Make it good.

Be imaginative. Love yourself. Do one good thing every place you go.

Will include links to any example sprites from the game that are the focus (for example: lamp for a lamp editing contest) here.

Specific Rules

  • Image size: 64×64 only
  • You may enter as many unique sprites you create as you would like, but only your entry with the most votes will be entered (You can’t come first, second, AND third).
  • Image filetypes: .GIF or .PNG
  • Must use the original Wolf3D pallette
  • Sprite must not already be in a publicly released form (in a game or as a downloadable file), and must be your own work.

Your Image Description must include your name as it appears on either the WolfSource Discord, DHW or the Wolf3D Haven. This is so we can verify the author, and so people can credit you appropriately!

Remember: Anything you post will be publicly downloadable; don’t enter anything you don’t want people to use!

((Maybe a small collection of example images, thumbnails from games with variations, etc))


At the end of submission time, voting will be open for 5 days, in which you can look at everyone’s submissions, and vote for the sprites you like the most!