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ECWolf Resources

These are ready-to-go features and starting builds for your ECWolf mod!

Be sure to credit the author(s) appropriately if you use anything from this list.
EC_MacWolfAstroCreepA starter kit of resources for any modders who wish to make a MacWolf themed ECWolf mod.

Alternate Download
Demo Maps to use with the kit.
EC_SNESAstroCreepA starter kit of resources for modders who wish to make a SNES-themed ECWolf mod.

*'Staatmeister' and 'Rat' are listed as 'Hitler' and 'Dog' in the WDC map definitions.
ECWolf Vanilla-Style Resource PackAstroCreepDesigned to get anyone up and going making vanilla-styled levels for ECWolf with extended features such as switches and new weapons (scripted with DECORATE), and includes a .WMC file for WDC. Documentation inside.

Alternate Download
ECWolf ResourcesAstroCreepUnfinished miscellanious sprites, textures, sounds and scripts that can be ripped apart and fiddled with.

Alternate Download
ECWolf Vanilla-Style Resource Pack (lite)AstroCreepA version of AstroCreep’s resource pack with some additional sprites (including the Spear of Destiny ammo box), but without the DECORATE scripting.
EC_NoahAstroCreepA mapping kit for any modders who wish to make a S3DNA themed ECWolf mod. Includes extra features like remote activated pushwalls, and some bonuses from AstroCreep's Noahpak mod.

Alternate Download
Crushing ColumnAstroCreepDECORATE actor: A column that will crush you if you stand under it for too long.

Alternate Download
Spear TrapsAstroCreepDECORATE actor: A ROTT style Spear Trap hazard.

Alternate Download
Fire JetsAstroCreepDECORATE actor: Fire Jets, and fire pits

Alternate Download
Gas TrapsAstroCreepDECORATE actor: A gas trap