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The Wolfenstein 3D FAQ

This is an archived listing of the different Wolfenstein 3D FAQs that used to circulate the Internet.

Contained here-in is a treasure-trove of information, theories and ideas from a time when we didn’t have the engine’s source code to just breakdown and understand mechanics.

VersionAuthors/MaintainersDate Published
FAQ version 1.01994/02/09
FAQ version 2.16Stanley Stasiak1993/10/17 21:27
FAQ version 3.30Stanley Stasiak1994/02/22 23:07
FAQ version 4.15Adam Williamson1993/??/15 18:37
FAQ version 4.16Adam Williamson1993/??/15 18:37
FAQ version 4.20Adam Williamson1998/09/27
FAQ Version 5.25The Bernt "Nova" Hansen2003/11/02