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Release: Spooky 3D (DOS)

For Halloween, we have a new title by Falcon93 to celebrate!

Spooky 3D is released as a Halloween Edition of his earlier title, Knights of the SS : Armour of Beowulf (Released in 2017).

The game is one level long, and features some graphical changes.

The game is released on the shareware version of Wolf3D, and can function with most source ports.

Download Spooky 3D (via Wolf3D.net)


A couple of days ago saw Serpens release a few more ports to the MacenWolf Project’s increasing library!

There are four projects, with one (JungleStein) having an unknown author, and the other three releases originally by Miguel Faria.

You can read about and download these games in the associated MacenWolf release article.

Whichever of these four games you look into and decide to play, they can be run using a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter, updated to the latest version.


This latest MacenWolf release by Serpens is one themed around unusual game titles related to Hitler.

There are 5 mapsets, most of which were created by Richard Peck, with one release by another modder called Ian Brown.
They range in levels (As low as 1 map, to as high as 11 in one project), and have fun titles including Hitler Watches Law and Order and Hitler’s Labor Day Picnic.

The MacenWolf release comes with an article speaking in some depth about Richard Peck and his mapping style. You can read it as well as find downloads for each title here.

The games can be played using either a copy of MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter, updated to the latest version.


Serpens is finding more time for the MacenWolf project it seems, as already we have another two ports for it!

totenhaus se 2

Laz Rojas’ Escape from Totenhaus and Escape from Totenhaus: Special Edition are two of their “deluxe scenarios”, each providing 10 levels, with altered art and graphics throughout.

The name may be familiar to Windows players already, as Escape from Totenhaus was one of the games that Laz ported to the DOS version of Wolfenstein 3D over 18 years ago.
These newer versions differ though, in their more accurate emulation of the MacPlay Wolfenstein 3D experience.

Both of these MacenWolf games can be played with a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter, updated to the latest version.


After a small hiatus, Serpens has released the next 4 6 MacenWolf ports!

schoolenstein 2

These ports follow the same theme as the last release, being Mac OS Wolfenstein mods that share names similar to those of mods from the PC Community.

There are 4 titles, with 6 playable releases (Two games have multiple versions), each playable using a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter, updated to the latest version.

You can discuss the MacenWolf project on the DieHard Wolfers Message Board.


A ModDB member by the name of Alstar05 has released a new project, simply titled Wolf 3D: Episode 1 Modified.

Exactly as it says on the box, this is a game that alters the first episode of Wolfenstein 3D with modified and new maps.
The game appears to be intended to be played at higher difficulties, with next to no enemies and a lot of empty rooms on lower ones.

Wolf 3D: Episode 1 Modified comes bundled with all files, and due to the high number of objects in some maps, comes bundled with a copy of ECWolf to be playable. There’s also an option HD graphics pack included.

(Editor’s note: can someone explain the why behind the musical choice in map 3?)

Check out Wolf 3D: Episode 1 Modified on ModDB


Release: Testament (Wolf4SDL)

Yesterday saw Tris (in collaboration with Ronwolf) release Testament!

A game with a focus on mapping, Testament takes the player through 20 new levels, with new features and graphics to improve the visual experience.

Testament is built on Wolf4SDL, and runs standalone (you do not need a copy of the original game).

Check out Testament (ModDB)


Website: Engines and Source Ports

Wolf3D.net currently hosts simple splash pages, advertising the popularly used source ports for the game.

The pages attempted to sum up the advantages of each engine, and provide important links regarding them.
Because of their design though, it was hard to add much without making the page too noisy and cluttered, with the amount of information spread across the Wolf4SDL page serving as a good example.

A more comprehensive approach is being attempted regarding this information on the new site.

Each source port and engine will (eventually) have it’s own page and information on Wolf3D.net, including ports related to other games (Such as those specific to Blake Stone).

The pages allow for more refined searching, if you want to find mods and games built for one specific engine, or see what each engine/port offers in terms of features and compatibility.

Source ports are an integral part of the Wolf3D development scene, with many games having their own individual “forks” built off of them or utilizing them in some way.

This is just a brief look into one of the building blocks of the website, and how it differs to the current equivalent pages. If you have any comments on the changes, I’m interested in hearing them!