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Release: Dead in Dresden (LZWolf)

ZanuAF is back with another aesthetically interesting game.

Dead in Dresden is a single map project with an interesting use of colour, or a lack there-of.

As is his pattern, ZanuAF has included a detailed story to set up the game, and included another movie poster to add to your ever-growing collection!

Dead in Dresden is playable with LZWolf, provided you own a copy of the full version of Wolfenstein 3D.

Download Dead in Dresden (Wolf3D.net)


There’s no shortage of Wolfenstein 3D mods that incorporate the author’s name into the game. Yesterday, Serpens released another large collection of 8 ports for the MacenWolf project, chosen for their naming conventions.

These projects will each work with a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter (Updated to the latest version), and can be discussed on the DieHard Wolfers Message Boards.

Brobst’s CC is one of two games in this collection that are attributed to John Brobst.

It is a two map adventure, that will probably have you die at least once.

Download Brobst’s CC (ModDB)

Also by John Brobst, the project Brobst’s Marathon is another levelset spanning two maps.

It’s also another quite challenging experience.

Download Brobst’s Marathon (ModDB)

kevin 1

Kevin’s Training is a set of six maps by Training Kevin.


Download Kevin’s Training (ModDB)

seth 1

A set of levels originally made for The First Encounter (As are a lot of the smaller sets), Seth’s Levels For Wolf-3D is exactly what it says on the box, and was made by none other than Seth.

Download Seth’s Levels for Wolf-3D (ModDB)

Scott’s Revenge is a crazy game by Scott; one level that really just has to be played.

Be prepared, though I doubt it’s something you can prepare yourself for.

Download Scott’s Revenge (ModDB)

tom 1

You will never guess who made Tom’s Wolf Map. That’s right; Tom.

This set includes three levels to play.

Download Tom’s Wolf Map (ModDB)

vik 1

A single map, Vik’s Fun House is another affair originally built for The First Encounter.

The project was made…by Vik.

Download Vik’s Fun House (ModDB)

tim 2

Tim’s game, Tim’s Wolf Maps appear to be the star release in this set. The project itself spans a whopping 38 maps spread out over multiple scenarios, and due to it’s use of procedural generation, warranted an interesting chunk of discussion in the accompanying MacenWolf article.

Download Tim’s Wolf Maps (ModDB)


Port: “maze” (DOS)

Dermuda, a DieHard Wolfers member who has origins with the Mac version of Wolf3D, has shared a project he has uncovered, entitled maze. From the files, we can assume this release came out in September of 2001!

“maze” is a port of a Mac Wolf3D project of the same title, by a member of that community who went by the name Vikram Raj (Dermuda credits him as the author of 2 Keys, a port in the MacenWolf project for whom the author was not known!).

It’s a one level mod that as the name implies, is a maze. A very simple affair.

You can play the project using a copy of the full version of either game as Vikram was generous enough to have made versions of the map compatible with both Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny.
Because it is a straight map release, it will also work with most base engines and source ports!

Download maze (Wolf3D.net)
Discuss on the DieHard Wolfers Message Boards


Website: The Pushwall Archives

The Pushwall Archives served this website as a small place to put interesting tidbits from the Wolfenstein 3D community, such as historical FAQ files, or obscure downloads.
However, it suffered from being shoved in a corner, separate to articles and not really noticable unless you were looking for it. Add that with the crammed nature of the content, and the result was something I was never ultimately happy with.

With the new website, one of the goals was to give the Pushwall Archive more attention, and expand a bit on what was there.
On Wolf3D.net, this section of the website will be more prominent, with a cleaner display, and look something like this (WIP):

The section will replace the form of article occasionally posted on this website; highlighting things from around the Wolf3D community that are interesting or of historic significance.
Plans are to include search options to filter content down to particular interests (Maybe you’re only interested in community specific documents, or just items on unreleased games).

The articles themselves will be simply in layout; kept brief in favour of linking to the actual content where appropriate, with an organized section specific to any downloads or external links (WIP):

The Pushwall Archive is just one part of the website, but the content it features is important and deserved more than it got on the current website.

What do you think of the changes to the Pushwall Archives?


Release: The Aftermath (LZWolf)

ZanuAF has already come out with a new release, this one titled The Aftermath!

This five map adventure includes a story, albiet one that is a little more “subdued” compared to their earlier releases, but makes up for it with ZanuAF’s thus-far typical penchant for emulating old grindhouse movies.

This particular game will require the full version of Spear of Destiny to play, as well as a copy of LZWolf updated to the latest version.

Download The Aftermath (Wolf3D.net)


ZanuAF has released a new story-rich game with the amazing name Acid Blitzkrieg on Sunset Strip.

Much like his first project Die Fatface, Die!, this game has a lengthy story to read in-game, and even comes with another accompanying movie poster as a bonus in the download.

The game includes changes to gameplay (among other features), the most immediately noticeable of which are the sped up weapon attacks; guns will shoot much faster, so be sure to be careful you don’t waste all your ammo.

Acid Blitzkrieg on Sunset Strip is six levels long, and will run using LZWolf, provided you have a copy of the full version of Wolfenstein 3D.

Download Acid Blitzkrieg on Sunset Strip (Wolf3D.net)


Scott64 has released the first early beta of what he has announced as a trilogy of games starring an un-expected main character; the rapper 50 Cent.

His first release is actually a remake of a project released on DOS Wolf3D back in 2011, titled Life on the Streets Episode 1 (Originally released by a modder called Racquetball1987).

This remake is built using LZWolf, utilizing various features it provides (Like billboards, and lighting effects) to emulate and in some areas attempt to improve the original experience.

This serves as an early release of his project, which will run on (the latest version of) LZWolf provided you own the full version of Wolfenstein 3D.
Be sure to follow the ModDB profile for the game to be informed of future updates!

Download Life On The Streets DX Episode 1 (Version 0.9) (ModDB)


This week sees a four-part MacenWolf port release, which has been entitled the Angel of Death Quadrilogy by Serpens.

angel1 1

These four games were all built for The Third Encounter, featuring unique graphics and a total of 67 maps across the scenarios/episodes.

There’s no credited author nor documentation concerning the releases (Unfortunate considering the size of everything), but Serpens includes a nice review of the content at hand in the accompanying MacenWolf article.
A few changes have also been made to the projects (Detailed in the article) in the name of making the game completable.

All four games in this scenario will work with a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter, updated to the latest version.

Download Angel of Death 1 – Leathal Killer (ModDB)
Download Angel of Death 2 – Armageddon Angel (ModDB)
Download Angel of Death 3 – Operation Engel des Krieges (ModDB)
Download Angel of Death 4 – Expect No Mercy – Final Chapter (ModDB)

Discuss on the DieHard Wolfers Message Boards.


Release (Late): YASHHER (ECWolf)

A release that fell through the cracks, YASHHER is an interesting project that was released at the start of May this year, catapulting the player five centuries ahead and placing them in the role of a member of the First – an army of creatures who were turned into what appears to be lizard creatures.

TEPA6ANT’s game features a written story (The author appears to be Eastern-European, so the story has some broken English), and comic-style introductions (Editor’s Note: Makes me think of Unsung’s intermission screens).

The game lends itself to sci-fi elements across it’s 13 levels, and includes many new enemies, and a new weapon.

This game can be played with a copy of either ECWolf or LZWolf, and requires you own the full version of Wolfenstein 3D to play.

Download YASHHER (ModDB) – English and Russian versions available.
Discuss on the Wolf3D.net Discord


Serpens has come out today with a new MacenWolf release, which includes a whopping eight ports of Mac Wolf3D mods! These ports are themed around the idea of “carnage” (Serpens makes excellent use of the letter B when explaining what this entails, but basically more gore, and more enemies!)

Each of these projects will be playable with a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter, updated to the latest version (Currently version 1.12A).

If you want to learn more about the releases, make sure to check out the accompanying MacenWolf announcement article (Linked above), and add the project to your ModDB Watchlist!

Finally, if you want to discuss these releases, feel free to make a post in the DieHard Wolfers Thread.

The main release of this collection is Blake Zuckerman’s Wolfenstein Restricted. The project includes many changed graphics and textures, and spans 31 levels. This is one of those releases with a little history attached to it, which is explained by Serpens in the article.

Download Wolfenstein Restricted (ModDB)

massacrewolf 1

Massacre Wolfenstein is a three map project originally for The First Encounter.
Unfortunately, it is one of the many mods with no story or credits attached to it.

Download Massacre Wolfenstein (ModDB)

carnage 1

Carnage 1.4 is an even smaller affair, with just two maps.

Developed by Marco Vevna.

Download Carnage 1.4 (ModDB)

carnage ult 1

Ultimate Carnage was originally for The Second Encounter, and was developed by a Mac modder who went by the name Joe.

This particular map set clocks in at 10 maps.

Download Ultimate Carnage (ModDB)

bloodbones 1

Living up to it’s namesake, Blood n Bones is an uncredited mod originally created for The First Encounter.

This project spans 11 levels, and has bones.

Download Blood n Bones (ModDB)

carnage super 1

With tighter maps as opposed to some of the larger areas of the other releases, SuperCarnage! is nine maps that are designed by their author MogulzIsMe to be extremely challenging.

Download SuperCarnage! (ModDB)

skull 1

The Skull was originally built for The First Encounter, and as is the theme of these releases, has large amounts of enemies for you to eliminate.
Yet another uncredited effort, this time five maps worth.

Download The Skull (ModDB)

carnage wolfen 1

The final port is another uncredited effort, titled WolfenCarnage.

The project has a story of sorts attached to it’s ten levels, which were originally built for The First Encounter.

Download WolfenCarnage (ModDB)