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Release: Rampant (LZWolf)

Released on June 22nd, Rampant is a game released by LinuxWolf, making this one of a few he has made solo and not under the “Team Raycast” banner!


This particular project is six levels long, with maps being heavily inspired by the efforts of other modders (Credits included in the download).

Rampant is unique in it’s use of UWMF (Universal Wolfenstein Map Format), a map format used by ECWolf and LZWolf that allows for deeper map customization with less restrictions. This includes being able to place multiple items on the one tile, better control over enemy pathing, and more.
While there are currently no Wolf3D editors available that can properly utilize UWMF, there are some in development, which is exciting.

Featuring unique gameplay, this game will run using an up to date copy of LZWolf, as long as you also own the full version of Spear of Destiny.

Download Rampant (ModDB)
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Over the time we’ve been away, Serpens and Nexion (With help from AryanWolf3D) have released multiple ports of mods and map packs from the Macintosh Wolfenstein 3D modding community. This post is intended to give you a summary of all those releases and catch us up to now.

These games can all be played using an up to date copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter. At the time of writing this version is 1.12A, and unlike previous versions will require a specific download depending on the core MacenWolf Encounter you are using.
For the 1.12A patch of MacenWolf: The Second Encounter, click here. For the 1.12A patch of MacenWolf: The Third Encounter, click here. Alternatively click the links above to download each game in it’s entirety.

You can discuss MacenWolf or any of these releases on the DieHard Wolfers Message Boards.

Port Releases:

armoury 1

2021/05/11 The Armory is a mod created by Ian Brown, . Taking place in a Luftwaffe Ammunition Facility tasked with working on a special project, the game takes the player across 12 levels, and even includes new art.

Download The Armory (ModDB)

dogs 2

2021/05/16 , Serpens released a whopping eight mapsets all centered around the Dog enemy of Wolfenstein 3D.
All eight are combined in a single zip, with thorough descriptions of each in the release’s accompanying ModDB article.

Download Super Mega Dog Killing Action Pack (ModDB)

pharoah 3

2021/06/03 Spanning 10 levels, Pharoah Adolf Hitler by Jon Wigand takes the player through a pyramid erected by Hitler himself, in order to assassinate the man.

Download Pharoah Adolf Hitler (ModDB)

The June 3rd release also includes new asset mods for MacenWolf, released by Gerolf. These two mods implement art from weapon sets found in different ports of Wolfenstein 3D. You can download the mod for Jaguar Weapons and 3DO Weapons here and here, respectively.

angst 2

2021/06/07 Angst! and Angst! Koikenstein are two releases of the same mod, created by Kirk Clyne. While the original Angst! used The First Encounter, it was moved to The Second Encounter, taking advantage of that release’s features for the latter release.

Download Angst! and Angst! Koikenstein (ModDB)

oswiecim 4

2021/06/20 Jon Wigand’s The Oświęcim Operation became the first of the official MacenWolf ports to utilize the S.U.C.K. Kit, which extends MacenWolf’s modability.
The game spans 18 levels, with altered graphics and reportedly “one new voice clip”.

Download The Oświęcim Operation (ModDB)


Release: Pistol- Whipper 3D

Released on the 25th of May, this gameplay mod by Reddimus is simple in concept but will provide a fun challenge for players; Pistol- Whipper 3D removes all non-starter weapons, leaving you to try to beat the game with only your knife and pistol.


The changes are listed as follow:

  • Machinegun pickup has been replaced with a small ammo box that gives 15 bullets.
  • Chaingun pickup has been replaced with a large ammo box that gives 25 bullets.
  • The SS only drop ammo now.
  • Changed the ‘MLI’ and ‘-goobers’ cheats. Both are still there, just under new names.

The project runs on DOS, so it will require either an older operating system, or the use of an emulator like DosBox to play.
There are versions of Pistol- Whipper 3D available for Wolfenstein 3D, Spear of Destiny, and the Mission Packs! Whichever version you choose to play, you will need the original files for it to be able to play.

Download Pistol- Whipper 3D (ModDB)
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Continuing the MacenWolf port releases, Serpens has released a further three mapsets this week.

fledermaus 1

First is Die Fledermaus, a single level project by Bruce W. Anderson, originally released for Wolfenstein: The First Encounter.

geringste 2

Die Geringste Aussicht takes the player across five maps with some challenging elements added, as detailed in the MacenWolf ModDB article.

dienaziscum 1

The third release in this group is Die Nazi Scum, which attributes the author as Jacob Welch. This project is three maps long, originally made for Wolfenstein: The First Encounter.

Each of these mapsets can be played using a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter, updated to the latest version!

Download Die Fledermaus (ModDB)
Download Die Geringste Aussicht (ModDB)
Download Die Nazi Scum (ModDB)
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Release: Joelenstein 3D Demo (Wolf4SDL)

A week ago on the 30th, MadWolf released the first demos to a project he teased making quite a while ago. The man has also released games in previous years

Joel is a member of the Vinesauce streaming community (You can find his channel here), and in Joelenstein 3D he is the player character, fighting through the weird denizens of the world.

As this is a demo, it is just a taste of things to come. Many graphics and sounds have been changed to accompany the new levels (The Battletoads pause music for the menu is a great touch!).

Joelenstein 3D runs on Wolf4SDL, and shouldn’t require any additional files to run.

Download Joelenstein 3D Demo (ModDB)
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Serpens has started ramping up production on MacenWolf ports, as in his own words, “This is necessary, otherwise I’m never gonna live to see the end of this project”.

This sees us with a slew of releases this week. First is Ghosts of Wolfenstein, a game originally by Clubey, the MacenWolf port being released 2 days ago.

Spanning six levels, the game is visually darker than many, creating a more eerie environment for the game.

Ghosts of Wolfenstein can be played using a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter.

Download Ghosts of Wolfenstein (ModDB)
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Screenshot from the MacenWolf ModDB page


Serpens has given us another couple of MacenWolf mapsets this week, both by an author named Josh Gershman.

Party and Rockin’ in the Dungeon are three maps and six maps respectively, with differing styles of design as explained in the MacenWolf article.

These two projects can be played by using a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter.

Download Party (ModDB)
Download Rockin’ in the Dungeon (ModDB)

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Thomas Weiling has released a new mapset for people to experience!

Wolfenstein 3D: The Old Testament is a game built using a Shareware version of Wolfenstein 3D as the base, a little different to typical Wolf3D projects.

Beta tested by Gerolf, the game was created in just ten days, with some minor graphical changes (But naturally for Thomas, the focus is on mapmaking).

As the game is built on Shareware, Wolfenstein 3D: The Old Testament can be played for free without any additional files, but you will need an emulator such as DosBox to run it.

Download Wolfenstein 3D: The Old Testament (Wolf3D.net)
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Release: Adlerhorst Pilot (MacenWolf)

This week’s MacenWolf port is Adlerhorst Pilot, a three map project originally created by Chistian Vinaa for The First Encounter. While short, this mod includes some new wall textures which differ it from many other map sets out there.

adlerhorst 1

Adlerhorst Pilot can be played for free, using either a copy of MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter, updated to the latest version (At the time of writing, version 1.1)

A thank you again to Nexion and Serpens for their work on this project! As a reminder, MacenWolf is designed to be ideal as a base for your own game. Recently the modding capabilities have been expanded, and the source code released!

Download Adlerhorst Pilot (ModDB)
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Release: Dark Dungeon I Beta (Wolf4SDL)

Edit: Mistakingly attributed BWIISE to Andy, where it was MCS who made that particular port. Apologies to MCS!

On the 19th, Thomas Weiling gifted us with another port of a Wolfenstein 3D mod remembered fondly by some in the community.

Andy_Nonymous was a prolific member of the community when it came to porting various mods and games to Wolf4SDL, being responsible for many ports released over the years. His contributions in that field and his participation in many other areas of the community are forever appreciated, and it was a major loss to the community when he disappeared.

Dark Dungeon I is a 44 level project from 2002 by Kenny Roels, originally for DOS. This port is a beta which is considered practically finished and playable. It will run standalone without the need for other files.

Thank you very much to Thomas, for sharing this with everyone and giving people a chance to explore one of the older games of the community!

Download Dark Dungeon I (Wolf3D.net)