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You will soon be able to play Wolfstone in ECWolf!

One of the best things about Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus was ‘Wolfstone 3D’, an alternate-universe take on Wolfenstein 3D which flips the roles, turning Hans into the protagonist, fighting off the Resistance (and Blazkowicz!).

Thanks to Blzut3, you will be able to play Wolfstone using ECWolf very soon! (And sooner if you don’t mind some conditions!)

His new tool will require an installed copy of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus to work, but will turn the 60 level mini-game into a standalone mod file to use with ECWolf!

It is still a few weeks away from having an official stable release while important finishing touches are done, but if you’d like to compile it yourself to test, or read the short explanation of how his tool works, Blzut3 has made it available on his bitbucket account.

Wolfstone.pk3 will work with the latest stable release of ECWolf, but it is suggested to use the latest development version to fix possible issues that may occur with the Read This! function.

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