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WolfstoneExtract – Play Wolfstone 3D in ECWolf!

First announced back in February, Blzut3 has published the first release version of WolfstoneExtract; a tool that allows you to play Wolfstone 3D and EliteHans in ECWolf!

Wolfstone 3D and EliteHans are easter eggs within the MachineGames series of Wolfenstein games. Each are reimaginings of id Software’s original games as they would be in the universe they portray; instead of an American soldier trying to escape the Nazis, it’s Hans trying to escape the Resistance.
Despite the changes that have been made, these games are still very similar to their original counterparts and will be very familiar to long time fans of the games.

To use WolfstoneExtract you will need to own a copy of either Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus or Wolfenstein: Youngblood. You will also need the latest version of ECWolf.

Download WolfstoneExtract (Via ECWolf website)
Download the latest version of ECWolf

Read Blzut3’s announcement post
If you haven’t already, read this interesting post by one of the designers at Machine Games!

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  • Flintheart Glomgold 2020-07-29, 6:08 am

    I would use this, but I’d have to steal the games first and I’m not sure if they’re worth the effort. Mind uploading something for us plebes? Give us the maps at least.

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