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Wolfenstein RPG on Android

Wolfenstein RPG was quite a unique game.

The game was a temporary departure from the normal style of the franchise; opting for turn-based mechanics and character interactions common in traditional RPGs rather than the run and gun shooting of other recent titles in the series.

The game was released to mobile phones as a Java application in 2008, with a later technologically-improved release for iPhone and iPod Touch in 2009.
As this was a time before Android, the non-iDevice version of the game utilized the keypad to control the game.

As time goes on and technology is made obsolete, Wolfenstein RPG has slowly faded away. The Java version is hard to run (though still available around the web) as phones lost the ability to play them, and a few years ago, the iPhone version allegedly disappeared from the App Store.
Neglected by it’s creators, the game seems to have disappeared.

There’s always an answer though. Today, I stumbled across a copy of the game that will run on an Android phone! Someone out there actually converted the game to a file that is (almost) plug and play!

Testing the app on two phones (Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 9), I can get the main menus up pretty easily, and it looks like it would have been amazing on the phones of the time. However, after loading screens and mission briefings, I get failings visually that make the main game unplayable.

Sadly, as close to the game as I’ve been able to get.

There are two minigames included though; a version of the card game Casino War, and a thing called Chicken Kicking. The Casino War ran fine for me, but Chicken Kicking gave me the same black screen as above.

If you feel like giving it a go yourself, instructions follow.

Keep in mind we are not responsible for any damage you might cause to your phone during this process. But it seems fairly straight forward so we imagine you’ll be able to manage.


  1. Download the files here (Better screen resolution files here)
  2. Move the files to your Android device of choice.
  3. Install both apk files (One is Wolfenstein RPG, the other is J2ME Runner, a file required for the game to run. Not installing this will return an error!). You may need to enable the ability to install applications from unknown sources first.
  4. The game is ready to run.

In-game, you will need to access the menu (available in the bottom right corner), and choose which virtual keypads you want to display for your controls. There are several options to choose from, ad all of them are able to be customized to sit on the screen where you feel comfortable.

Note: On my Galaxy S7 Edge, there was no menu present for me to be able to add controls. This problem didn’t happen with the Galaxy Note 9, so mileage may vary.

If you gave it a go, let us know how you went in the comments.

Source (YouTube)
Original iOS Trailer (YouTube)

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