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Beta Release: Wolfenstein Missions Second Encounter

Executor has brought us the second release of his “Wolfenstein Missions” game for ECWolf!

Wolfenstein Missions: First Encounter was released three years ago, making the first few sets of missions available for play.
Second Encounter continues the story by refining and extending the number of levels in Wolfenstein Missions from 9 to 22. Though only 19 are currently available in the beta release (with the final 3 secret levels being implemented in the final release), the main game is complete.

Executor has put a lot of effort into these levels, which start off feeling like traditional Wolfenstein 3D levels, but grow exponentially in size and complexity. New hazards, enemies, mechanics and more are introduced over time at a well thought out pace.

The beta of Wolfenstein Missions: Second Encounter requires a registered copy of Wolf3D, and a recent build of ECWolf to play.

Download Wolfenstein Missions: Second Encounter (BETA) for ECWolf
Download the latest version of ECWolf

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