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Wolf4SDL ports of ‘Mutant Blobs From Uranus 3D’ and ‘Drawn and Quartered’ available again

Thanks to Thomas, we now have access again to the SDL ports of Ringman’s mods!

The mods were originally created in 2005 and 2006 respectively as part of a contest hosted by Ringman himself, which saw modders try to create a full Wolf3D game from scratch in just a week!
Each has it’s own very unique style that has made them popular and memorable despite the imposed development constraints.

By porting the mods to Wolf4SDL, they are now playable without DosBox, and will run without the need for any extra files (and with bugfixes!).

These ports were created by Andy_Nonymous back in 2015, but the original downloads have since gone down. Thank you, Thomas!

Download Drawn and Quartered for Wolf4SDL
Download Mutant Blobs From Uranus 3D for Wolf4SDL
Read the original Drawn and Quartered thread on DieHard Wolfers
Read the original Mutant Blobs From Uranus 3D thread on DieHard Wolfers

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