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Wolf3D Demolition v2 for ECWolf released, adding new ways to kill and destroy everything!

AstroCreep has released a trilogy of new mods, which also happen to be the very first to take advantage of Linuxwolf’s fork of ECWolf!

Wolf3D Demolition adds nine new weapons to the game, many of which with their own special abilities (Such as a Sniper Rifle that actually zooms and a Shrink Ray!).
To go with these, much of the environment is made destructible, and both the original and newly added enemies have unique death animations depending on how they’re killed.

Alongside Wolf3D Demolition, AstroCreep has also released two other Demolition mods. These consist of a new version of his earlier release ‘AstroCreep’s Spicy Wolf3D Challenge’, and Executor’s port of ‘Second Encounter’.

Wolf3D Demolition is a gameplay mod designed to work with both of the original games, as well as most pre-existing map packs (If they are ECWolf-compatible).

Download Wolf3D Demolition.
Download AstroCreep’s Spicy Wolf3D Demolition.
Download Second Encounter Demolition.
DieHard Wolfers forum thread. (Includes image gallery)

Download builds for Linuxwolf’s ECWolf Fork (Latest versions, Windows and Mac)

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  • dunkelschwamm dunkelschwamm 2019-06-27, 8:11 pm

    I playtested the heck outta this. I feel like ECWolf created a great new niche for gameplay mods like this, where such things really only popped up in Doom modding before. The ever opening breadth of possibilities will keep this community alive and thriving.

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