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WL9: A mostly comprehensive collection of manuals, faqs and other documents for Wolf3D!

Serpens -the community member who started The Wolfenstein 3D Wiki– has created an extension of that project in the form of WL9!

WL9 is a GitHub repository serving as a home for a vast archive of different files and documentation from mods, editors, and other community sources, as well as multiple official documents related to Wolf3D.

These files include but are not limited to:

The project isn’t restricted to just Wolfenstein 3D either, and include files for Corridor 7, Operation Body Count, and the other games built on their shared engine.

This will hopefully prove a useful resource going into the future!

If you have a version of something that isn’t currently listed, you can help out the project by contacting Serpens via email ( nawigator.pirx(at)gmail.com ).

Visit WL9
Just visit WL9

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