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Release: Wenn Die Soldaten (DOS)

Update: On the 22nd of July, Justy Zam released a 1.1 patch for the game, which includes the DOS Source code and definitions to make maps for the game using WDC. The below download link has been updated.

Justy Zam has released a new Wolf3D project today, entitled Wenn Die Soldaten.

Development was kept reasonably quiet and low key, allowing Justy to surprise more people with it’s release.
The project is ten levels long, with extra features like an extra enemy and a lot of new art (Credits list is included in the thread on Diehard Wolfers, link below).

Wenn Die Soldaten is a DOS project, and will require an emulator like DosBox to play on modern systems. It is a complete game though, and will not need the original Wolfenstein 3D to play.

Download Wenn Die Soldaten (Wolf3D.net)
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