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Website: An update on the reconstruction

It’s been well over a year since the last update, wow.

A decision was made early this year to migrate to an updated version of the new website platform, which was incompatible with some of the sytems that had been added.
As such, a total reconstruction of the website was required. Most of the foundations were easily replicated in the new system, but many things had to be rebuilt piece by piece due to those incompatibilities and how elements of the website communicated with them.
This has turned out to only be a good thing; I tend to let my ideas get ahead of me and things can get overcomplicated quickly. The fresh start allowed me to rethink things and cut down to what was necessary, and focus on what is most important to accomplish the goals of the website.

One of those goals of the site is to make it as simple to navigate and use as possible. Discoverability is an important factor and if things are buried or too confusing, that’s not good in any way.

So where are we in regards to the website? It’s almost caught up with last year’s version in terms of completion, and most first generation features (Games, Gallery) have at least their foundations established and working.

Wolf3D.net Gallery – Art Display Test

There is still a lot to implement, but the hope is to have things stable enough for closed testing in the next couple of months.

What happens to the old website?

This is something I’m still sorting out. It is planned that when the new website goes live, Wolfsource in it’s current form will be moved to a separate subdomain during transition. Relevant content will be merged, and eventually the old website will be shelved.

Now things are coming together faster there will (hopefully) be more to show in coming weeks, but if there are any questions regarding the new website, feel free to comment here or reach out on the Wolf3D.net Discord and I’ll hopefully be able to answer some!

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