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Website: Engines and Source Ports

Wolf3D.net currently hosts simple splash pages, advertising the popularly used source ports for the game.

The pages attempted to sum up the advantages of each engine, and provide important links regarding them.
Because of their design though, it was hard to add much without making the page too noisy and cluttered, with the amount of information spread across the Wolf4SDL page serving as a good example.

A more comprehensive approach is being attempted regarding this information on the new site.

Each source port and engine will (eventually) have it’s own page and information on Wolf3D.net, including ports related to other games (Such as those specific to Blake Stone).

The pages allow for more refined searching, if you want to find mods and games built for one specific engine, or see what each engine/port offers in terms of features and compatibility.

Source ports are an integral part of the Wolf3D development scene, with many games having their own individual “forks” built off of them or utilizing them in some way.

This is just a brief look into one of the building blocks of the website, and how it differs to the current equivalent pages. If you have any comments on the changes, I’m interested in hearing them!

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