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WDC Update 1.18.403: Larger maps!

Edit: Adam has made an additional update to WDC, bringing us some fixes:
- Fixed: GAMEMAPS now must be compiled when closing Project Information after setting it to 32-bit lengths. 
- Fixed: Can now change the number of planes when using 32-bit GAMEMAPS lengths. 
- Fixed: Exporting UWMF maps should be faster than before.  

WDC is one of the most robust and feature-complete Editing Suites for Wolf3D.
Today in a surprise update, Adam Biser has released a new version of the program, adding the ability to edit maps of sizes all the way up to 512×512.

That’s a billion* times times the size of regular maps! For reference, you could put all 60 levels from the original Wolfenstein inside of a single map, and still have room for more maps!

You cannot zoom out far enough to see the entire map-size. It’s big.

The only caveat to the feature is that WDC must modify the GAMEMAPS file to use “32-bit lengths”, which is a process that cannot be reversed. So you can’t change your mind (Or you can, you’ll just be starting from scratch).

WDC can be downloaded from itch.io. If you find it useful you can use the “pay what you want” feature to pay Adam for developing and continuing the app over all these years.
Adam has also started a Patreon for his music. His first project is creating an album remaking the music from his impressive Wolf3D TC Orb of Dilaaria. If you’re interested, check out his page!

WDC on itch.io
Adam Biser’s Music on Patreon
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