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VSWolfTools 2 update 7 released

Today, Vincent has released a new version of his modding tools, bringing support for multiple games (Blake Stone, Corridor 7 and most importantly, Operation Body Count) as well as a couple of other changes.

If you use VSWolfTools 2 be sure to pass feedback, suggestions, or compliments onto Vincent to help shape the program’s development!

Update 7 Patch Notes, as transcribed from Vincent's Homepage
  • New: Support for Blake Stone, Operation bodycount, and the needed extra features.
  • Individual classes files in VSMAPED for certain mods.
  • New: New and more logical format for description files, but don’t panick: older files will be converted automatically.
  • Individual classes files for certain mods, now of the inf type, situated together with descriptions (txt type).
  • A faulty or missing mapheadfile can be restored.
  • Floors and Doors can appear anywhere in the lists.
  • Support for more mods which imply:
  • Blake Stone:
    • 2-plane maps. You can edit but not run a new version.
  • Operation bodycount and Corridor 7:
    • Single images for walls/doors, ‘single’ in the description.
    • 2 images now possible for floorcodes (for the 3D window).
    • Partly transparent walls/doors (for the 3D window).
    • An object can be made invisible to VSMAPED by using a certain symbol.
    • I haved named the items in haste, You can undoubtedly find more fitting names for them.
  • New: Insert a palette in a picture and use the palette tool like in VSWAPED.

VSWolfTools 2 Download (Update 7)
VSWolfTools 2 Homepage
WolfSource Landing Page

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