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VSWolfTools 2 update 6 released

Vincent has released the latest update to VSWolfTools 2 today, bringing tweaks to features, and bug fixes. (Patch notes transcribed from Vincent’s website below)

VSWolfTools 2 is a Wolfenstein 3D editing suite developed by Vincent. The package comes with 4 programs that much like WDC, edit multiple parts of the game including maps and sprites.

The suite of programs -which are designed to work on modern systems like Windows 10- also have support for advanced modding features like editing ceiling and floor textures and larger map sizes, and a 3D Map Preview function, among more.

If you give it a go, be sure to pass important feedback on to Vincent to help him shape the future of the project!

Changes in Update 6
  • Code in all 4 programs to prevent a possible, but unlikely, accumulation of temporary files in the program directory.
  • Levels can be resized individually.
  • New format for level files (unchanged for 64 x 64 tiles).
  • Statistics for the whole mod.
  • Imagelist for the vswap file, No need to start VSWAPED.
  • New class: junk food (pool of blood etc, only for weak health).
  • A few bugs (25) have been fixed. Some of them were for saved games, which I had ignored, probably like anyone else.
  • Descriptions can now be deselected.
  • Simplified treatment of doors.
  • Add dummy chunks or delete chunks.
  • Handles pictures with heights not divisible by 4.

VSWolfTools 2 Download (Update 6)
VSWolfTools 2 Homepage – Check it out for much more information, and to see his other non-Wolf3D related projects!

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