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Website: The Pushwall Archives

The Pushwall Archives served this website as a small place to put interesting tidbits from the Wolfenstein 3D community, such as historical FAQ files, or obscure downloads.
However, it suffered from being shoved in a corner, separate to articles and not really noticable unless you were looking for it. Add that with the crammed nature of the content, and the result was something I was never ultimately happy with.

With the new website, one of the goals was to give the Pushwall Archive more attention, and expand a bit on what was there.
On Wolf3D.net, this section of the website will be more prominent, with a cleaner display, and look something like this (WIP):

The section will replace the form of article occasionally posted on this website; highlighting things from around the Wolf3D community that are interesting or of historic significance.
Plans are to include search options to filter content down to particular interests (Maybe you’re only interested in community specific documents, or just items on unreleased games).

The articles themselves will be simply in layout; kept brief in favour of linking to the actual content where appropriate, with an organized section specific to any downloads or external links (WIP):

The Pushwall Archive is just one part of the website, but the content it features is important and deserved more than it got on the current website.

What do you think of the changes to the Pushwall Archives?

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  • Layla 2021-08-18, 1:14 am

    What about an article about the lost “removing the scalers” tutorial by Ripper you were looking for, or is that too new?

    • Zombie Zombie 2021-08-22, 2:51 pm

      As you said, it’s a “tutorial”, so on the new site it will have a different home to articles 😀 it’s already on faq.wolf3d.net and will most likely be migrated

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