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New Community Project: The LZWolf Astrostein Open Invite Community Mapset

Following on from the Open Invite Mapset released for LZWolf just last month, AstroCreep and Dunkelschwamm have started a new project open to anyone to contribute!

The LZWolf Astrostein Open Invite Community Mapset is open to anyone to create and contribute their own levels, taking advantage of the features and additions provided by the toolkit as well as the other features provided by LZWolf.
However unlike the first project (Which was open-themed), this project is built around the art and environments from Laz Rojas’ Astrostein series of mods (Originally released for Mac, but with playable versions in Doom II, ECWolf and MacenWolf).

All the information, art and resources needed are in the provided toolkit, and modders are free to add their own textures, objects and characters to their maps too, if they so choose.

If you’ve never made a mod, joining a community project is a great way to get your feet wet for the first time! It’s easy.

Check out details of the project on ModDB!

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