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The DieHard Wolfers Forums turns 16 today!

Happy birthday, everyone!

Does this infringe trademark? ;D

The DieHard Wolfers forums is the successor of the DieHard Wolfers Yahoo Group and served as the central point for all fans of the games to meet and share their love.

While some posts have been lost to time, DHW continues to be an amazing amalgamation of the learning and creativity of the community. There is a lot of history in there, if you look.

The forums were officially started on the 1st of March 2003, but not formally announced until the 11th that same month.

Today in 2019, the forums still serve as a popular meeting place to talk about the game and the mods still being made for it.

Thank you to AReyeP, MCS and BrotherTank, for giving us all an outlet to share our love of Wolfenstein. Thank you too, to everyone who has been or currently is a member for making it what it has been for so long.

Even if the website still doesn’t make registration easy.

The DieHard Wolfers forum
Post announcing the opening of the forums on Yahoo
The earliest post still on the forum (A poll to rate the mod Spear Ressurection)
The most viewed thread on DHW is the announcement and subsequent discussion of Wolf4SDL. It has over 246,000 views!

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