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Release: SplitWolf DM Edition (Wolf4SDL)

SplitWolf is a five year old project that successfully implemented split-screen coop play for Wolf3D, allowing two players to play alongside each other.

Now following on from a port to RetroPie (Allowing you to play coop-Wolf3D on a Raspberry Pi!), a brand new update has been released, giving players the ability to deathmatch over splitscreen!

Splitwolf Deathmatch Edition adds two new gamemodes; Deathmatch, where two players fight against each other, and Timed Deathmatch, which as the name suggests is the same thing but with a time limit.

screen3 1

These gamemodes come with their own feature additions to enhance gameplay, and even allows for custom deathmatch maps! To accomodate, the game’s download comes with the map files necessary for use with ChaosEdit, and SplitWolf supports the addition of extra deathmatch maps without editing the game’s engine (As is something that had to be done in DOS Wolf3D).

To play SplitWolf DM Edition you’ll need a copy of Wolfenstein 3D running Wolf4SDL.

Download SplitWolf DM Edition (ModDB)
Discuss on the DieHard Wolfers Message Boards

If you make a Deathmatch map, don’t hesitate to share them, either on DHW or on our Wolf3D Discord!

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