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Release: Spaced Out! (Wolf4SDL)

Thomas Weiling has released a brand new project; Spaced Out!

The game is science-fiction themed, using resources and inspiration from Doom, Blake Stone, Corridor 7 to create the environment and mood, and a matching blurb:

It takes place in an alternate universe in the far, far future known as the year 1998. BJ is finally thawed after having been cryogenically frozen for 50+ years, waking up to an aftermath where the Axis powers were victorious and established a space station that they soon realised they did not have the cash for keeping up with, leaving it to rot together with its brainchild, the mad Doctor Quarkblitz.

The game features a few balance changes and additional features (Such as additional keys in maps) over the original Wolfenstein 3D, and was beta tested by Gerolf.
Spaced Out! can be played standalone, without the need for any additional files.

Download Spaced Out! (via Wolf3D.net)
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