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Someone ported Wolf3D to the ODROID-GO

The ODROID-GO is a build-it-yourself handheld gaming device that lets you make, download and play all sorts of games, mainly as an educational tool. I have never seen it before today, but it definitely looks cool.

There’s an active community surround the system, making and porting games to it and experimenting. As is the fate of any screened device, modders did the inevitable and ported Doom Wolfenstein 3D to the ODROID-GO.

That is beautiful.

YouTube channel Gadget Workbench has videos of both Wolfenstein 3D and it’s sequel Spear of Destiny running on the system, and each video includes details to install the games in their descriptions.

Wolfenstein 3D on the ODROID-GO
Spear of Destiny on the ODROID-GO

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