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Releases: Spring-themed ports (MacenWolf)

This week sees Serpens continue with the great MacenWolf project, porting three more mods from the often forgotten Mac community.
Each of the mapsets released follow a “Spring” theme, though it seems to mostly extend to the title only.

The first two projects are by a modder who went by the name Richard Peck, who we will apparently see again in future releases.
The mapsets are titled Palm Sunday at the Reich and Spring Has Sprung, but feature the traditional Wolf3D environments. The projects are five and six maps respectively.

Springtime for Hitler is a mapset being attributed to two authors; Tim and Wayne. Beyond the reference to The Producers, the set features eight maps which Serpens analyzes as having two distinct mapping styles to enjoy.

These projects can be played using a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter. Make sure you’re updated to the latest version for the best experience.

Download Palm Sunday at the Reich (ModDB)
Download Spring Has Sprung (ModDB)
Download Springtime for Hitler (ModDB)

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