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Releases: Spear of Longinus and Simon’s Oldies (MacenWolf)

Along with today’s release of MacenWolf in the form of the Second Encounter and Third Encounter, the first two Mac mods have been ported to the engine, making them finally playable on modern PCs!

Spear of Longinus was released in 2002 by Clubey, featuring 20 levels, originally using The Third Encounter as a base.

Simon’s Oldies is a collection of several titles by Simon, also known as Bicman. Many of Simon’s mods were built for the First Encounter; the demo version of the full Second Encounter release. These titles have all been grouped together, and are playable in an episodic format through MacenWolf.
Like many shareware mods of old, they are very ecclectic.

And some very unexpected challenge. There’s a second Hans behind this one.

To run these mods, you merely need to unzip the contents of the mod downloads into the main folder of a copy of MacenWolf (Either version).
Then to play, just execute the .bat file, or create a shortcut for Macenwolf using the following parameter (Making sure to replace NAME with the name of the mod).

--file NAME

As an example, The Spear of Longinus is contained inside the folder at “MacenWolf\longinus\”, so the parameter to run that mod would be as follows:

--file longinus

Download The Spear of Longinus for MacenWolf
Download Simon’s Oldies for MacenWolf
Discuss the mods on the DieHardWolfers Message Board

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