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Releases: MacenWolf v1.16, Oktoberbloodfest Demo, Find The Secret Passage (MacenWolf)

A new set of ports have come out for the MacenWolf Project, as well as an update to the project itself.

The release article includes downloads of the patch files, as well as the full updated versions of MacenWolf: The Second Encounter and MacenWolf: The Third Encounter, so be sure to update your files to ensure you can play future releases in this project!

The projects this time around are of modern releases from the Mac Wolf3D community! The first is Oktoberbloodfest Demo, which as you can expect is a 2-level demo for a yet-to-be-released title by JMC.

The second is a project by Dermuda called Find The Secret Passage. This project comes as two downloads; one of an old concept demo, and a finished “Redux” version, both containing one level.

As stated earlier, interesting information and downloads of these releases can be found within the associated ModDB storytelling corner, and the games can each be played using a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter, updated to the latest version.

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