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Releases: A Madman, and A Madman’s Redemption (MacenWolf)

This week’s dose of Mac is again served by Serpens, and features two titles; “A Madman”, and “A Madman’s Redemption”

This visual is burned into my eyes (A Madman’s Redemption)

A Madman is another mapset originally made for The First Encounter who’s author is lost in the great void that is the Mac modding scene. A Madman is short, only containing 4 levels.

A Madman’s Redemption(By compyislife) is a more abstract and surreal exploration of map design. The mod reportedly contains nine maps, and explores the less traditional as a way of telling it’s story.

Both projects will run with either a copy of MacenWolf: The Second Encounter or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter.

Download A Madman (ModDB)
Download A Madman’s Redemption (ModDB)

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