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Releases: A collection of ROTT mods (Including Wolf3D Episodes 3 and 4)

AstroCreep has ported more games to Rise of the Triad! You can now experience Episodes 3 and 4 of Wolfenstein 3D!

Along with that, Halten Sie and Escape From Totenhaus have been ported for play. Both mods were originally created by Laz Rojas before being ported by AstroCreep.

Escape From Totenhaus

All the mods are listed on the ROTT Mods page, and require the base game of Rise of the Triad: Dark War to play.

Download Wolf3D EP3 Conversion.
Download Wolf3D EP4 Conversion.
Download the Halten Sie port.
Download the Escape From Totenhaus port.

How to play

To run, just drop the files in the game directory, mount the drive in DOSBox, then type

setup.exe file NAME.wad

Where “NAME” is the name of the WAD file for the mod you are using (For example, Escape From Totenhaus would be “toten.wad”)

Navigate to Use Modified Stuff, then Choose Alternate Game Levels. Pick the .RTL file of the mod you are opening (For example, “TOTEN.RTL” for Escape from Totenhaus).
Go back to the main menu and choose Save and Run ROTT. Enjoy!

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