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Release: Wolfenstein 3D The Way ID Did (Maps)

Edit: Download has been updated to latest version; including some mapping tweaks on maps E4M4 and E6M8, and cleaning up the mapping data.

Wolf3DGuy has brought us a new, vanilla-inspired project this month.

Wolfenstein 3D The Way ID Did is a large 60 level game that tries to replicate the mapping style and philosophies of the original Wolfenstein 3D.
Wolf3DGuy -inspired by Doom The Way ID Did– has gone as far as to attempt to ascertain which member of id Software made which levels, and to best emulate their style in the matching level of this project.

Being a project focussed on mapping, this game will require the full version of Wolfenstein 3D to be able to play. Wolf3DGuy has packed an optional pk3 file, so the project can be played using the original DOS version, Wolf4SDL, LZWolf and ECWolf!

Download Wolfenstein 3D The Way ID Did (Wolf3D.net Mirror)

Discuss on the DieHard Wolfers Message Board

Image 2 from the DieHard Wolfers Announcement post (Linked above)

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  • BlackLion1962 BlackLion1962 2021-02-23, 5:17 am

    Question for Wolf3DGuy: What are the plane 3 codes used for in the game? do you have some documentation for them? Great set of levels. Thank you.

    • Wolf3DGuy Wolf3DGuy 2021-02-24, 3:24 pm

      I have already answered your question on DHWs and fixed this issue, which reminds me…

      Zombie, could you please update the Wolf3D.net mirror link?

  • DOOMMarine1990 DOOMMarine1990 2021-02-23, 11:07 am

    do i need to replace wolf 3d main maps for this to work?

    • Wolf3DGuy Wolf3DGuy 2021-02-24, 3:22 pm

      Yes just drag the gamemaps and maphead files from the package into your game’s folder.

      • DOOMMarine1990 DOOMMarine1990 2021-02-25, 4:02 pm

        so far when replacing the files. it doesnt load the game. but when you reload the original files an add only the pk3 file it loads.

      • DOOMMarine1990 DOOMMarine1990 2021-02-25, 4:11 pm

        nevermind. i realized i was loading the shortcut with the way i did file, lol

        so it works now.

  • DOOMMarine1990 DOOMMarine1990 2021-03-04, 4:24 pm

    am i s?uppose to walkout of the level dungeon of episode 2 floor 10? with 173800 treasure or points

    • Wolf3DGuy Wolf3DGuy 2021-03-05, 1:07 pm

      I have no idea lol… I have never bothered looking at the scores ever. Somewhere around that, but you shouldn’t really care for ratios on secret or boss levels because they do not count towards the final ratios that appears after you kill the boss and the points doesn’t really matter at all.

      • Wolf3DGuy Wolf3DGuy 2021-03-05, 1:31 pm

        Okay let’s do some math shall we? On map 1 the maximum points you can collect is 34300 with that you get 10000 points for each 100% ratios that’s 64300 points and on map 10 the max points is 106800 so that should be 171100 points before you exit the level with 100% stats and this point is less than the one you have now so I assume you did beat the par time on map 1… probably.

        • Wolf3DGuy Wolf3DGuy 2021-03-05, 2:05 pm

          I wasn’t sure how much points you get for each seconds if you beat the par time so I looked it up and it’s worth 500 points, so let’s say if you beat the first map with 5 seconds less than the par time you should have 173 600 points now, but if it’s 6 seconds then it’s 174100 points so it’s still not correct, but it’s hard to count all that if I don’t know how you progress in the game, one thing for sure, without beating the par time and getting 100% ratios on both map you should have 171100 points at that point.

          • DOOMMarine1990 DOOMMarine1990 2021-03-06, 3:35 am

            i see. so basically its a race to the highest score if you beat it under 5 seconds. thats the highest points. interesting.

            so technically it doesn’t matter.

            when i play the tird level. i get stuck finding the last secret. but it seems i clicked on every wall i can find.

            im assuming some can get blocked.

          • Wolf3DGuy Wolf3DGuy 2021-03-06, 3:47 am

            It doesn’t really work like that, but fine.

            They cannot get blocked, keep looking.

          • DOOMMarine1990 DOOMMarine1990 2021-03-06, 8:53 am

            i wonder if its one of those secrets is hidden in one of the rooms or nearby secret?
            it takes me 30 minutes to find the remaining secrets. the last one is above 87% could be anywhere.

            at least my score is 173800, lol.

          • DOOMMarine1990 DOOMMarine1990 2021-03-06, 9:57 am

            welp. im a idiot. they were front of my eyeballs. i was blind. lol. they were close to the leevel in the blue area, lol. got a;l 100%, lol.

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