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Release: Wolfenstein 3D The Second Encounter (DOS)

Today, Wolf3DGuy brings us a brand new DOS mod in Wolfenstein 3D The Second Encounter.

This mod endeavours to recreate the Mac versions of Wolfenstein 3D whilst keeping the visual style of the original DOS release, within DOS.
The game features level layouts (With appropriate tweaking) from across the Macintosh releases, new weapons from those games (The Mac version of Wolf3D had both a Rocket Launcher and Flamethrower!), and some other nice additions detailed in the Read This.

The game is well put together, and in these difficult times it could be just the thing to finally occupy your time.

Wolf3DGuy hopes that this will inspire others to make DOS mods, and has plans in a future update to include not just the source code for people to modify, but also the definition files to edit the game in most current Wolf3D Editors!

The game can be run standalone, but will need to be run through DosBox if you are playing on a modern operating system.

Download Wolfenstein 3D The Second Encounter
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