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Release: Wolfenstein 3D Episode 1 ported to ROTT

AstroCreep has brought us a fun mod that ports the entire of Episode One from Wolfenstein 3D to ROTT.

Wall textures converted nicely, and pushwalls feel very much like they do in Wolf4SDL. It’s also fun being able to destroy parts of the environment!

Download Wolf3D EP1 Conversion for Rise of the Triad: Dark War. Requires the original game to run.

How to play

To run, just drop the files in the game directory, mount the drive in DOSBox, then type

setup.exe file wolf3d.wad

Navigate to Use Modified Stuff, then Choose Alternate Game Levels. Pick WOLF3DE1.RTL.
Go back to the main menu and choose Save and Run ROTT, and enjoy!

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