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Release: Wolf3D MegaMap for ECWolf – Play (almost) an entire episode in one map!

As the title suggests, AstroCreep’s latest experimental release is a mod that compresses almost the entire of the first three episodes of the original game into one map each.

Keys and elevators are replaced with switches for progression. The original designs remain mostly intact, with a couple of maps omitted to fit everything, and the mod provides an interesting spin on gameplay due to the way enemies “hear” you in the game.

The mod requires the registered version of Wolfenstein 3D to play, and runs on the dev version of ECWolf.

Wolf3D MegaMap Download

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  • Mr. Rumble Roses 2021-06-08, 4:34 pm

    i just played through the 1st episode. and for the most part it went well, but why was there a key door at the end where the boss room was? specially when there’s no keys in the mod

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