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Release: Wack- O- Ween (DOS)

Edit: Game links updated to latest version of the game, be sure to update!

Described as “a fever dream of a mod”, Wack- O- Ween is Reddimus’ latest release, and it’s a fun one.

In the game you play as a Spirit of Halloween called Wacko who emerges for the holiday only to find the world messed up, and it’s up to him to fix it.

A simple enough plot when summed up, but it allows the game to visit some interesting environments across 3 episodes, each with their own story, style and atmosphere.

Reddimus says that this is the “closest to a full version” the game will see, following it’s initial demo release earlier this month for Friday the 13th.

Wack- O- Ween is a standalone game that does not require any other game files to play, though an emulator like DosBox will be needed to run the game on modern systems.

Download Wack- O- Ween (ModDB) (Wolf3D.net Mirror Download)
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