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Release: Untergang

This week has seen one of the quirkiest and interesting Wolf3D projects of 2020 be released.

Untergang is a project by Wolf3D community members (in no particular order) Nexion, AryanWolf3D, Serpens, Atina, Nep and Wolf3DGuy, calling their new development team “Team Straycats”.

Untergang itself is a very unusual game, building an abstract and at many times puzzling journey in the Wolfenstein 3D universe.
The game spans 19 levels, and each level introduces it’s own unique aspects to the environment and gameplay that will require puzzle-solving on top of the usual affair of running and gunning.

The game is built on Wolf4SDL, and will run without the need for any additional files.

Untergang (ModDB)
Discuss on the DieHard Wolfers Message Boards

Screenshots from Untergang ModDB page

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