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Release: Time To Kill – Eisenfaust Edition

Team Raycast members DoomJedi and Linuxwolf have released the next in their “Eisenfaust” series of mods, which look at released games and expand on them, giving them new flavour.

Time To Kill: Eisenfaust Edition iterates on the original Wolf3D conversion by Thomas Weiling and Havoc from 2012, adding new features and mechanics to the game to the point of bursting. The complete list of additions is kept a surprise for the player, with the features spread out and introduced slowly over the 45 levels, keeping things interesting.

Early game shows some impressive ideas though; a minimap that can be accessed while still having control in game, as well as enemies with dodging mechanics and animations just to name a couple.
The game also features extended control mapping, and WASD style controls.

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.

Map designs are mostly kept faithful to Thomas’ designs, so if you’ve played the original you will recognize a lot of areas, but with the new changes and new music provided by RonWolf, it creates a whole new experience.

Time To Kill: Eisenfaust Edition is developed in Wolf4SDL and will run natively in modern Windows systems.

Download Time To Kill: Eisenfaust Edition (ModDB)
Download the original Time To Kill by Thomas Weiling

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  • dunkelschwamm dunkelschwamm 2019-06-27, 8:03 pm

    I’ve given this a go. It’s definitely a lot of fun- and really challenging!

    • dunkelschwamm dunkelschwamm 2019-07-01, 11:05 am

      I have since made a lot of progress in this mod and can give it a really concrete recommendation. It plays a lot differently from many other Wolfenstein mods and is full of interesting surprises, all while keeping a nostalgic tone. Fantastic work all around.

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