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Release: Three map packs ported to MacenWolf

This week Serpens has released three new completed MacenWolf ports, this time around choosing three map packs.
None of these packs have attributable authors at this point, but that has and always will be the case when dealing with the earlier days of Wolfenstein 3D modding.

The mapsets are named ‘2 Keys’, ‘6.2.1.’, and ’48 Hours’. Each set has it’s own style, and number of maps (1, 8, and 14 respectively)

These projects require a copy of either MacenWolf: The Second Encounter, or MacenWolf: The Third Encounter to play, both of which are available from the project’s ModDB profile.

These are the first MacenWolf sets that don’t come with their own prepared .bat files to run easily, but it is not hard to make your own. Serpens wrote up his own instructions to get people playing MacenWolf mods:

HOW TO RUN MODS: the –file command. Run the game as macenwolf –file foldername to run a mod of your choice after you have placed its folder in the main game folder.

For a step-by-step example: download Spear of Longinus. Place Spear of Longinus.zip file in the Macenwolf folder. Extract the zip. You will end up with a subfolder called “longinus”. Open the command prompt and run macenwolf –file longinus, or create a shortcut for the exe and place macenwolf –file longinus in the target field in Properties, and the mod will be launched. Alternatively, use the .bat file that should also come attached.

Download 2 Keys
Download 6.2.1
Download 48 Hours

Download MacenWolf: The Second Encounter

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