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Release: Thi-Time spinoff mods for LZWolf

AstroCreep has released some simple variations of some of his Demolition mods, titled “Thi-Time”. Included is AstroCreep’s Spicy Wolf3D Demolition and Kowtow Demolition, as well as the original Wolf3D Demolition.

Thi-Time changes your character to Thi Barrett from Rise of the Triad, making the player a little faster and adding some new graphics and sounds. Apart from that, the mods are largely the same as the original versions (Packed with new weapons, enemies and destructibles).

The mods require the latest version of LZWolf, and a registered version of Wolf3D to run.

Note: While the original Wolf3D Demolition is compatible with many mods, games and map packs, some of the changes in Thi-Time may result in visual problems if played with Super 3D Noah’s Ark or MacWolf.

Download Wolf3D Demolition (Thi-Time)
Download AstroCreep’s Spicy Wolf3D Demolition (Thi-Time)
Download Kowtow Demolition (Thi-Time)

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